The Many Shirts of #BernieorBust

Here are some photos from the #BernieofBust Rally across from Philadelphia City Hall on DNC Day Two (Tuesday, July 26, 2016).

A little more than one hundred Bernie Sanders supporters showed up for the #BernieorBust rally. Here is a shirt from one of Bernie's supporters.

This gentleman could not have made a clearer statement during the #bernieorbust rally on DNC Day Two. He was livestreaming - meaning there is a video out there on the internet of me asking this man for a photo of his shirt. If you find it, please send it my way.

This gentleman's homemade shirt sends a clear message. Stop Killing. Stop Racism.

This young man lost his Nokia cell phone during the #bernieorbust rally. He was on the stage afterwards asking folks to return his phone if they happened to stumble upon it. I hope he found his phone.

Bernie Bros don't have a great image - often being called misogynistic in the media. This Bernie Bro picked up after himself and his friends at the end of the #bernieorbust rally. 

These shirts were also quite popular. A polite way to say, "FU!" at the Convention. Frank Underwood is one of the main characters on "House of Cards". Spoiler?

Black Men for Bernie organized a couple of the events protesting during the week. A better way to describe their events would be appreciation events; as in appreciation for Bernie Sanders, but I'm not sure that other protesters saw it that way.

These shirts were made by this Bernie supporter who came all the way from Yolo County, CA. I love a good pun.

There were quite a few "Bernie Sand Wars" inspired t-shirts worn by Bernie Sanders supporters. Bernie Sand Wars is a parody that can be seen on YouTube. A takeoff on the famous line from Princess Leia in Star Wars: A New Hope, the shirt states, " Help us, Bernie Sanders. You're our only hope."

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