Social Media Collabs

You're interested in collaborating with Dan Lee Photo to create some cool art or portraits on social media. Cool, let's work together. But before that, these are the things I need you to agree to.


1. Image Processing

Images come processed and cropped for social media. Please don't re-crop or re-edit the processed image. 

2. Image Watermarks + Photo Credit

All my images come watermarked. Check out my Instagram for examples. Please don't forget to tag me and note credit in your captions. I'll make sure to tag and mention all those involved in the creative process in the caption.

3. No promotion of services or products. ($$$)

No one likes working for free and that includes me. My rule? If someone is working for money, we should all be working for compensation. No exceptions.

4. Model Release/Photography Agreement

I'll be asking you to sign a model release and photography agreement at the end of our shoot together. It's a standard model release and should look pretty similar to other ones that you have signed. You'll receive one via email for your records.


If you don't agree with any of these things, let me know; maybe we can work something out. Thanks for checking out Dan Lee Photo.  :D